Colorado Implant Kit

Colorado Implant Kit


Bone Expander Kit
  • Available with a 38-BEK Bone Expander Kit for an additional reduced cost.
  • Includes up to 26 Instruments
  • Twist Button Lock mechanism

Includes a large sterilization cassette, 38-BCL-R 86 Lucas Bone Curette Smooth tip, 33-BUSER Buser Periosteal Elevator, 33-OM9-H8 9 Molt Periosteal Elevator, 33-HR2&3 2&3 Heidbrink Root Tip Pick, 29-100 #5 Mouth Mirror with Hollow Handle, Cone Socket, 35-323CP18 23 Explorer & CP18 Probe, 31-74200 6" Serrated Tip and Handle College Dressing Pliers, 15-23204 Adson-Brown Tissue Forceps 4.75?, 25-341S 3 Bard Parker Scalpel Handle with Ruler, 21-23366 University of Minnesota Retractor, 21-34381 Weider Cheek & Tongue Retractor, 21-23345 Adult Columbia Cheek Retractor, 21-23351 Adult Hold-Free Double Sided Plastic Lip Retractor, 21-23322 Adult Molt Mouth Gag, 12-15400 Curved 4.5" Iris Scissors, 14-2000 5" Straight Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder, 51-10400 Baby Blumenthal Rongeur 4.5?, 51-00254 Ruskin Rongeur 6?, 43-00130 Aspirating Syringe, Cook-Waite (CW), 38-M0001 Bone Morselizer, 36-5244 Extraction Forceps Upper Anterior Notched Tips, 36-013E 13 English Pattern Extraction Forceps, 36-023 23 Cowhorn Extraction Forceps, 36-150 150 Universal Extraction Forceps, and 36-151 151 Universal Extraction Forceps. Optional: 38-BEK Bone Expander Kit.

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